God uses short term mission trips to change lives
-- for the senders, the servers, and those being served. Mission trips are not only opportunities to serve "the least of these”, they deepen one's faith, develop humble servant hearts, inspire participants to love God's people and share His care for others through us.

The goal of the NED Short Term Mission Trips Coordinator is to educate, motivate, and activate the congregations of the NED for greater involvement in Short Term Mission Trips. The ultimate goal, based on the NED Blueprint for Missions  is to have 50% of NED congregations participating in short term mission trips by 2015. Check out the new "Short Term Mission Trips" brochure and contact Barb Giger
at barb.giger@hotmail.com  for more information on how to plan your first trip or expand your existing short term mission trip ministry.

         STM Brochure                     contact barb.giger@hotmail.com

Short Term Mission Trip Opportunities
1  Serve Now Spotlight (updated 4/16/2014)
LCMS World Mission has many service opportunities available for GEO (Globally Engaged Outreach) and short-term missionary service. GEO missionaries are globally engaged in outreach and typically serve for terms of 1-2 years. Read more about these opportunities in the LCMS Reporter. To find short term mission opportunities go to http://vms.lcms.org/VN_search.asp and click on a topic under "Download Print Version".

Click on the following links to explore
a wide range of domestic and international short term mission trip opportunities both within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and among auxiliary Christian organizations. Emphasis has been placed on organizations that have partnered with NED congregations within past years. To discuss the experiences of a particular congregation with one of these partner organizations, please contact Barb Giger at  barb.giger@hotmail.com.

2 The following provide links to ongoing opportunities within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS):
3 The following are LCMS "Recognized Service Organizations" (RSO) and other sending organizations of the LCMS with whom at least one congregation within the New England District has partnered for a past short term mission trip:
4 The following are other Christian organizations with whom at least one congregation within the New England District has partnered for a past short term mission trip: