Evangelism Committee

Assisting our district's churches and individuals with resources to help you share your faith with an unbelieving world.

New England is the least religious region of the United States according to Pew Research's Religious Landscape Study. The percentage of adults who say they believe in God with absolute certainty in the United States:

  • Alabama 82%
  • Rhode Island 60%
  • California 54%
  • Connecticut 54%
  • Maine 48%
  • New Hampshire 43%
  • Vermont 41%
  • Massachusetts 40%

Contact Us

If your church would like learn more please contact our Evangelism Board at 413-783-0131.

Lutheran Hour Ministries Online Learning

Learn how to share your faith with Lutheran Hour Ministries visit www.lhm.org for more details. They are offering several FREE online classes through www.lhm.org/learn.

Synod's Resources

In addition please visit the Synod's Witness and Outreach website at https://www.lcms.org/witness-and-outreach-ministry. One of the newest resources is Everyone His Witness which is available at Concordia Publishing House.

Outreach Book Recommendations

Me, an Evangelist? by William J. McKay, 1992, Stephens Ministries, St. Louis ISBN: 0-9633831-0-8.

Evangelism without Additives by Jim Henderson, 2007, Water Book Press, Colorado Springs, CO ISBN 978-1-4000-7377-1 (Jim is not a Lutheran author, but a good book on how to share your faith through the everyday aspects of life in relationships.)